Friday, September 24, 2004

What John Kerry must do

While reading Andrew Sullivan's column on why Sen. John Kerry is still trailing President George W. Bush in the polls, I came to the conclusion that if it is not too late, for Kerry to salvage his campaign and regain momentum he lost after the Democratic Convention he must state the case for his candidacy and against the President's as follows:

1) that the current administration, led by President Bush, has undermined America's economic future with fiscally reckless tax cuts and botched a war with Iraq, which risks our national security by imprudently diverting resources and manpower from securing the homeland and combating the real war on terrorism against al-Qaeda

2) while he, John Kerry, who from years of experience dealing with economic and foreign policy matters, can build consensus positions with members of Congress and our allies around the globe to re-energize our economy and root out and defeat terrorism wherever the likes of Osama Bin Laden and his ilk hide.

Or to put it more simply, who would be better leading the country tested by a fragile economy and historic threats from global terrorism, a well intentioned if stubborn, Kool-aid drinking dreamer or a pragmatic realist?